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Welcome to the Office and Professional Employees International Union Local 106
Local 106 represents over 300 members comprising four contracts: General Dynamics-Electric Boat Division, Computer Sciences Corporation, Charter Oak Federal Credit Union and United Way of Southeastern Connecticut.


Feb 2021 Labor Views 14 June 2021

Feb 2021 Labor Views

By now you should have received the second half 2020 Incentive Bonus. If you did not receive the bonus, or have a question about the amount you did receive you should contact your Local Union. Each Local has a list of their members with the hours credited and the gross amount of payout.
Jan 2021 Labor Views 8 February 2021

Jan 2021 Labor Views

Recently during open enrollment with 4 days left of the enrollment period, many members had done nothing. Working with the EB Benefits crew, the Metal Trades and the Local Unions made 1400 phone calls to get members signed up. This was a huge undertaking and I appreciate all the work that went into this and the people who helped. However, it was discovered that many people do not update their contact information. If you have changed your address, phone number or email, please update your information with Personnel Services. I Wish You All A Healthy, Prosperous 2021.
Dec 2020 Labor Views 17 December 2020

Dec 2020 Labor Views

As of this writing the Corona Virus cases in the Shipyard are rising at a rapid rate yet people are still refusing to wear mask. Part of the Company response to this is to enforce the Memo of Agreement which was originally agreed to in 1991 and carried over in every contract negotiations since.
Nov 2020 Labor Views 15 November 2020

Nov 2020 Labor Views

We had an unfortunate incident this past month when a group of well intended but misguided employees decided to protest actions taken by the Company against a coworker. This action put the employees employment in jeopardy, it put the Union in a precarious position, and was like a kick to groin for the Company. Fortunately, when the swelling went down we were able to come to a rapid and reasonable resolution.

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