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Welcome to the Office and Professional Employees International Union Local 106
Local 106 represents over 300 members comprising four contracts: General Dynamics-Electric Boat Division, Computer Sciences Corporation, Charter Oak Federal Credit Union and United Way of Southeastern Connecticut.


Nov 2020 Labor Views 15 November 2020

Nov 2020 Labor Views

We had an unfortunate incident this past month when a group of well intended but misguided employees decided to protest actions taken by the Company against a coworker. This action put the employees employment in jeopardy, it put the Union in a precarious position, and was like a kick to groin for the Company. Fortunately, when the swelling went down we were able to come to a rapid and reasonable resolution.
Oct 2020 Labor Views 2 October 2020

Oct 2020 Labor Views

The Metal Trades is now online! Check out our website for Union Member Only benefitsts, contact information, Labor Views, and periodic updates. Blue/Gold even up: The Gold Team had 2 less pay hours than the Blue. The members on the Gold Team should have received a 2 hour pay adjustment less any time off for absences. In settlement we accepted $70.00 (before taxes, and other deductions ie: 401k contributions) without any adjustment for absences for the Gold Team members.
Sep 2020 Labor's Views 14 September 2020

Sep 2020 Labor's Views

Brothers and Sisters This is my first article since being appointed to the position of President to complete the unexpired term of retired President Ken DelaCruz. Part of this article is a conversation I had with the Chief Stewards of the affiliates, the MTC Executive Board and Delegates and I believe the membership will benefit from it:
Aug 2020 Labor's Views 28 August 2020

Aug 2020 Labor's Views

Today the Virginia class is moving along and in the south yard construction continues the new facility to build the new Columbia class submarine.

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