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Welcome to the Office and Professional Employees International Union Local 106
Local 106 represents over 300 members comprising four contracts: General Dynamics-Electric Boat Division, Computer Sciences Corporation, Charter Oak Federal Credit Union and United Way of Southeastern Connecticut.


July 2021 Labor Views 2 July 2021

July 2021 Labor Views

Since the last writing there has been a few significant events. The first two are legislative, third is an Arbitration case, and lastly a Memo on a Safe Worker Program. President Biden signed into law a new federal holiday. Juneteenth commemorates and is a day of reckoning in recognition of end of slavery in the U.S. This new holiday is not an automatic additional day off, it must be negotiated. I am sure that with the Company's policies on Diversity and Inclusion they will be eager to negotiate terms before the next Juneteenth Holiday.
Jun 2021 Labor Views 14 June 2021

Jun 2021 Labor Views

With more and more people being vaccinated and the rate of COVID-19 infections dropping, EB is following the CDC and State guidelines by reducing some of the protections that have been in place. The most significant is the wearing of mask. If you have been fully vaccinated, you no longer need to wear a mask. This is based on the honor system. No one is out checking to see if you've been vaccinated if you are not wearing a mask. So, do the honorable thing. I want to Thank all the people who have tried to keep us safe throughout this pandemic and those who worked through the problems encountered to try and make this a little less painful.
May 2021 Labor Views 14 June 2021

May 2021 Labor Views

I have been struggling with this months article because I don't know how much is enough, and how much is to much information to relay. The Metal Trades and the affiliated Locals have been working for a long time to improve the safety and health of not only our members, but the entire EB population for a long time. Over the last year even with the ongoing pandemic, I feel we have made significant progress.
Mar 2021 Labor Views 14 June 2021

Mar 2021 Labor Views

Recently you may have received a "TEST" email from EB Benefits. The Company is testing the accuracy of personal email addresses. This is how you will be updated with COVID 19 Vaccine information. If you did not receive this email the Company does not have a good personal email address for you. You should log on to the Fidelity website, choose the ESS tab and update your personal information.

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